A Humble Man

Gino de Blasio pays respect to Piermario Morosini on behalf of the entire Goalden Times team

The sporting world paid tribute to Piermario Morosini last weekend.

During a Serie B match between Livorno and Pescara, the young midfielder collapsed, and later died from what appears to have been a fatal cardiac arrest on the pitch.

Stories from friends and colleagues, however, will tell a story of a man much loved by those who knew him, with the word “humble” being the most used adjective. And quite deservingly so, the streets of Bergamo were filled with thousands of fans on Thursday to pay their final respects to the man whose motto, if GT had to guess, would quite aptly translate to Ludo Ergo Sum.

Humble Beginnings

 “I lost my mother and father when I was a child, and I played for them. These are things that change your life, and at the same time it teaches you to never give up on your dreams, and mine was to be a football player, as it was their dream for me”.





He grew up in the youth Atalanta scheme before being bought by Udinese and then sent on loan around the country to get match experience. Everywhere he went, he made friends; he was loved in the dressing rooms, always there for his companions when they needed someone they could trust.

His impact on the pitch may not have been the greatest, and his death may unfortunately be the only thing that those outside of calcio may ever get to know about him.


His Reach was Greater than that of the Game


Of all the stories that have been pouring in from those who knew him best, what stands out is that he was a man who apparently made you know how to smile everyday. According to Marco Andreolli, a former under-21 Italian national, colleague and friend, Morosini was a happy man, who always saw the “glass half full”.

His death will pose some pertinent questions for, and teach a few important lessons to Italian football.

His life, however, whilst filled with sadness and tragedy was one of hope, positivity and kindness.

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