A football odyssey from Amazon to Alps

First paperback edition, Goalden Times 2016

ISBN: 978-1- 911455-01- 1

Publisher: Rattis Books, London, UK

Category: Sports Humanities

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About the Book


Tiro is a book for all football lovers. Celebrating the sensational dual offering of the Euro 2016 and the Copa América Centenario in 2016, Tiro has been assembled with a selection of timeless football writings on Latin American and European football.

Looking beyond the dominions of leagues and club football, the book meanders through the unchartered territories of Latin America and Europe, revealing stories from war and hooliganism to football legends, historical firsts, passionate derbies and its cultural impacts.

Tiro, which means ‘shot’ in Spanish, is a collection of such 33 original, engaging and unconventional writings. It illuminates some of the rare and exciting events in one place, written memories of some which don't exist in English language, today.

Perfect bound in paperback, for a comfortable hold in hands, the printed book, we believe, is an 'art object'. It has been passionately designed and produced using a combination of both modern and traditional technologies and processes, and is a celebration of these two worlds working harmoniously together. Wherever possible, pages have been typeset by hand using traditional wooden type, individually hand-inked and printed letterpress.


This powerful collection of original writing demonstrates the absurdity of the phrase ‘football and politics should never mix’. It illustrates, through an original and wide-ranging span of topics, how sport in general – and football in particular – is inextricably linked to human triumph and disaster. This is an informative and often moving book, and is an excellent collection of thoughtful writing.

– Phil Ball, June 2016, San Sebastián, Spain. Author of ‘Morbo: The Story of Spanish football’
‘Tiro—A Football Odyssey from Amazon to Alps’ is to be commended for shedding light on countries and clubs in eastern Europe and South America that are sometimes overlooked in today's saturated fútbological landscape. This refreshingly creative, passionate, and informed collection of essays should appeal to both ardent football fans and intellectually curious readers.

– Peter Alegi, Professor of History at Michigan State University and author of 'Laduma! Soccer, Politics & Society in South Africa' &'African Soccerscapes: How a Continent Changed the World’s Game'
A fascinating and illuminating look at all manner of football stories from all over the world

– David Woods, Chief Football Writer, Daily Star

The Making of Tiro

Quietly, and without anyone really noticing, the last commercial letterpress printer shut its doors in Bristol in 2012 after maybe 600 years of continuous work in the city. This is our small contribution to the revival of this wonderful traditional craft for the new digital generation and understand the thrill of seeing ink on paper. We love the texture of our title and the book.

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