Best XI – Worst Freak Injuries

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Injuries are a part and parcel of any sport and football is no different. But sometimes some freak injuries, even though they end careers, are too funny to be even believable. In the recent past, Argentine and Valencia’s 23- year old midfielder, Ever Banega suffered one such injury. He stopped to refuel his car while returning home from a training session. Unfortunately, he forgot to apply the hand-brake and the car rolled back, crushing his left leg between the curb of the gas station and the tyre.

Banega was due to undergo surgery for a broken tibia and fibula, which would put him out of action for at least six months.

This time around we present eleven such footballers who suffered such unfortunate injuries due to, call it ill-luck or utter lack of common sense.


Steve Morrow

Having scored the winner in the 1993 League Cup final for Arsenal against Sheffield Wednesday, Morrow was understandably very pleased with his day’s work but the evening didn’t quite end for him as planned. His captain, Tony Adams tried to pick Morrow up on his shoulders but accidentally dropped him on the floor, resulting in a collarbone fracture. It prevented him from collecting his winner’s medal and ruled him out for the rest of the season.

Moral: Don’t get too close to an enthusiastic Tony Adams!

Kevin Kyle

Kevin Kyle’s talent and enthusiasm has undoubtedly been genetically passed on to his eight-month old son.  The little cherub used his skill to kick a jug of boiling water onto Kyle’s family jewels causing him immense pain in…erm…the wrong place. The then Kilmarnock defender had to end up spending a night at the hospital.

David James

The veteran goalkeeper already has the nickname of ‘Calamity James’. His biggest howler must have been when he strained ligaments in his back, while trying to reach for his television remote. He is one person who has taken his nickname too seriously.

Chic Brody

It’s a dog’s life’ takes a totally different notion in this case. The Brentford goalkeeper shattered his kneecap when he collided with a dog, which had run onto the playing field, in October 1970. It ended his playing career. Showing a ‘chic’ sense of humour, Brody remarked, “The dog might have been a small one, but it just happened to be a solid one.”

Darius Vassell

Not everyone is a Doctor, on or off the field. But they all try to follow the legend. Vassell is perhaps one of them! He tried a surgery on his swollen toe using a power drill. Yes, you read right; of all things, a power drill from his medical kit and worked his way to his toe nails. As expected, the surgery obviously wasn’t successful. Next time anyone says that footballers are a thick lot, give a wry smile and think about Dr. Vassell.

Michael Stensgaard

There is something about goalkeepers that inspires confidence in defenders, but the same inspiration doesn’t extend to their families. Stensgaard is neither the first goalkeeper in this list, nor will he be the last.

Any normal person would know that there’s nothing life threatening about an ironing board. But Stensgaard managed to damage his shoulder irreparably while folding one. The injury unfortunately ended his career.


Rio Ferdinand

Rio has a reputation of being a prankster but this time he played a prank on himself. After using his time to watch television for hours with his leg on the coffee table, he stood up. The rising Rio Ferdinand strained his knee tendons.


Dave Beasant

A creamless salad is never desired and Dave Beasant is not an exception. Southampton’s goalkeeper reached for the fridge and dropped a bottle of salad cream on to his foot in 1993, which resulted in ruptured ankle ligaments.

Richard Wright

The Ex-Arsenal and Everton stopper was not really into taking orders. So before a FA Cup tie against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, Wright saw a sign of not to practice in the goalmouth. He ignored it and promptly injured himself after falling over the sign. Never disrespect the penalty box, Wrighty!


Kirk Broadfoot

This was the proverbial, ‘egg on his face’. While trying to examine eggs right out of the microwave, one of the eggs blew up and spattered its hot interiors onto the unsuspecting face of Broadfoot. He suffered irreparable bruises to his face.

Santiago Canizares

As if someone was trying to smite him for that ridiculously over-preened bleached blonde hair, Canizares missed the 2002 World Cup whilst in the midst of one of his sessions, swooning over himself in front of the bathroom mirror. He dropped his aftershave into the sink; a piece of glass fell on his foot, severing a tendon in his big toe.