The Last of the Mohicans

He is the last survivor of this species. He is the last character left who fuels our anger and makes us smile in the same blow. Guesses are right, Page 3 brings up today the most discussed footballer of the year – City forward Mario Balotelli. He hits the news today when he was sent off at Emirates after already having escaped from a serious crime at early first half against Arsenal midfielder Alex Song in a 0-1 loss at a very crucial point of League. This talented young man has produced 27 goals for his club already but has been shown 22 yellow cards and 4 red cards along with that too.  As punishment for today’s incident, his season might get over for City and may be also at British soil. We bring back the memory of this lad in a lustrous photo shoot for Vogue with a colourful attire – which just reflects his career in a nutshell.