Ball & Beer – Football Pub Quiz

Saturday, August 13, 2016 @ Speakeasy, Gurgaon

Photographer – Shreya Sen

In association with Cocktails & Dreams, Speakeasy, Goalden Times presented the second edition of its trademark quiz event Ball & Beer to celebrate their 5 th birthday. It was a special occasion as this was the first event outside the award winning football website’s inception city, Kolkata. Renowned sports enthusiast and media person Joy Bhattacharjya donned many hats on the day – besides being the chief guest and a participant in the quiz show, he was gracious enough to launch of Goalden Times’ first imprint “Tiro – A football Odyssey from Amazon to Alps” in the NCR region. The jovial mood was a perfect foil for the quiz as participants enjoyed themselves with their favorite drinks. Every team made their presence felt, special mention to our Irish friends who were the coolest bunch present on that day. Some fine answers came in from every corner and the eventual winners were Bharathan Chandrasekaran, Sumantra Sarathi Datta and Wasi Manazir while the team comprising of Aniket Mishra, Joy Bhattacharjya (Shibarjun Ghosh replaced Joy him in the team as he had to rush for some work) and Kunal Mandal came close second.



Tiro – Official Book Launch

Wednesday, July 13, 2016 @ Calcutta Sports Journalists’ Club, Kolkata

Photographer – Indrajit Bhattacharya

13 is supposed to be an inauspicious day for many, but not for Goalden Times. This award winning football website and alternate football media house launched their first imprint “Tiro – A football Odyssey from Amazon to Alps”, published by Rattis Books, London, UK. A first of its kind book in India celebrating footballing culture, Tiro has a wide spread of stories across Latin America and Europe. While one can hardly find any ensemble of such Latin American football stories in English language, the European section scores for its research about stories on war, politics and social issues. Written by all ametures, these stories have been well received and mentioned in prestigious news sites like Guardian, CNN-IBN, Scroll to name a few. The event was hosted at the Calcutta Sports Journalist Club with support of Yes Bank. Eminent ex-Indian football Mr. Surajit Sengupta was the chief guest on the day and he had some very nice words to say while officially unveiling the book. The event was also covered by leading dailies who featured stories about this unique event in subsequent days. The evening ended with high tea followed by interactive session of question-n-answers with the authors.



Ball & Beer – Football Pub Quiz

Thursday, December 17, 2015 @ Someplace Else, Kolkata

Photographer – Srinwantu Dey

A fun filled football quiz, hosted by award winning and internationally renowned football website Goalden Times. Football is a gateway of culture and 'Ball & Beer' intends to bring the culture to the audience. As Goalden Times is dedicated to the beautiful game and pop culture, its flagship quiz event is also intended to spread the love of football to everyone. There is no age limit, no formal team structure – even one member teams were welcome to participate, no inhibitions – people met each other on the spot and made an impromptu team true to the spirit of Ball & Beer. Even being to there for the event as a spectator was a decent enough proposition as everyone had a chance to win some spectacular goodies by answering audience questions. The sole purpose of the event is to create a community, an atmosphere of football in the city of joy that will embrace the real spirit of the game. Life is not about winning every war but to enjoy the course. Still there had to be a formal winner. The fantastic team of Aditya Bagri. Anurag Sarkar and Robin Dey won the quiz while the runners were Archishman Das, Rajdeep Chakraborty and company.